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Here Is TVReview:  2 (out of 5).  Wedding Band is a comedy drama that centers on the lives of four friends, their ups and downs, and their performances in various events in town: weddings, bar mitzvahs, high-school reunions and even bachelorette parties.  Though some of the critics are not big fans of the series, there are some who advises to give it a shot.  Read below to see what they have to say.

The San Francisco Chronicle writes “The show isn’t funny, but worse, it’s not interesting”, further saying “The sooner this thing gets annulled, the better.”

The New York Daily News, on the other hand, “There’s a lot of mirth in “Wedding Band,” making it perhaps the most integrated hybrid yet of sitcom and hour-long drama.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks it’s “Not wild enough, not funny enough, “Wedding Band” comes off as merely OK entertainment.”

The New York Times advises, “tune in to this show and you’ll end up hoping that the group of the title plays the next wedding you are dragged to, especially if it’s your own.”

Newsday gives the show a C grade, sayings it’s “merely OK”.

Variety says “”The Wedding Band” delivers a good time, even if — sort of like an actual wedding band — nobody remembers much the morning after.”

TV Guide writes “Wedding Band has a good beat and you can laugh to it”.

Boston Herald grades it a C+, explaining “Given that there’s little competition for original scripted shows on Saturday nights outside of Syfy’s cheesy monster flicks, “Wedding Band” might last as long as Kim Kardashian’s first marriage.”

USA Today says if you decide to watch the show on Saturday, “you’ll find the show is a surprisingly pleasant, sometimes very funny diversion”.

Entertainment Weekly gives it a C+ rating, saying “it just can’t seem to deliver the same laughs (or swoons!). We’re already getting cold feet.”

Common Sense Media gives it 2 out of 5 stars, saying this “Bawdy comedy with blah jokes is made for adults.” thinks it “proved much funnier than expected, a demented and adult show reminiscent of ABC’s “Happy Endings.”

Media Life Magazine says the show offers “a limited repertoire”.  “The dialogue is usually good”, but sometimes “the jokes are the stuff you can type but can’t say”.

Access Atlanta “liked the first episode, but TBS is showing its lack of confidence in the program by dumping it on Saturday”.

The San Antonio Current writes “If the goal is to make sure everybody has a good time, then Wedding Band has accomplished its mission.”

The Weekly Alibi compares it to “Glee”, but for straight dudes.  However, if you tune in, “you might discover an amiably raunchy musical comedy with which to while away a boring Saturday night”. says the layered performances of the cast “make their characters feel simultaneously hilarious and very real”, and that “Anyone who tunes in will be coming back for more.  It is that good – and it is outrageously fun”. grades it a C+, saying “Wedding Band all in all is more of a reach than a grasp. It’s not an embarrassment, though” and that it’s “worth a few grins and maybe even a shimmy shake.” thinks that the show “has a lot of heart, a great sprinkling of humor, and most importantly, some nostalgic covers of our favorites songs from the ‘90s (and some more modern classics, as well.” gives the show a C- rating, further saying “The show seems a bit quirky, borderline weird.  Not sure if this show will make it.”




  • This show isn’t even remotely funny. I watched a couple of them and didn’t crack a smile once. The main character (Green) is incredibly annoying – and the guy looks way too old. I’m not sure which is worse, his acting or his singing. And the band comes off as being some mid-life-crisis wanna-be-hip group of immature douches.

  • Well, based on the reviews, you at least seem to be in good company : )

  • […] men who make up a wedding band.  The critics are mixed though none of them love it.  Here are the reviews of the premiere episode. […]

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