TV Show Review – The Whispers

TV Show Review – The Whispers


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  ABC’s newest drama The Whispers has little kids following the orders of an imaginary friend as they cause mayhem and destruction among their families. The kids are talking to what appears to be a man named Drill, but what the parents don’t realize is that their imaginary friend may not be that imaginary.  Decent critical response to this one, it’s not great but it’s fun.

USA Today says “The new ABC drama, features family drama, geopolitical peril and paranormal mystery, all woven together via eerie conversations children are having with their invisible friend, Drill.”

The Boston Herald thinks this ” ooks to be the kind of thriller we’ll be talking about all summer.”

The San Francisco Chronicle states “The series, created by Soo Hugh and premiering Monday, has all the right pieces working together to make a decent show. It becomes slightly over-plotted by the third episode, but nothing that significantly diminishes its power to hold our interest.”

The Philadelphia Daily News describes this as “An X-Files-ish sci-fi procedural carefully calibrated to twist your mind.” They call it “Just plain nuts. And, oh so much fun.” They warn viewers that “the series is marred by some very lazy writing: Major plot twists occur through the lamest manufactured events. In one scene, false suspense is created when a photo e-mailed to Claire takes two full minutes to download on her high-end laptop.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says “The Whispers had the potential to be an intriguing, supernatural soap, but by episode two, it proves itself to be one of those series where the audience is, frustratingly, frequently one step ahead of the characters. That’s not fun; it’s boring, which is the last thing a supernatural thriller should be.”

Variety calls this a “veritable mashup of director Stephen Speildberg’s filmography — a pinch of E.T. here, a dollop of the Spielberg-produced Poltergeist there, and a soupcon of what might be called “Invisible Encounters of the Kid Kind.” But none of this “takes away from the modest enjoyableness of the show, which drips clues over the first three episodes.”

The Orlando Sentinal writesThe ABC drama, debuting at 10 p.m. Monday, soon morphs into a bigger and more diabolical thriller that ranges from the Sahara Desert to the White House. Think a supernatural Homeland.” They call it “unsettling and promising.”

The Los Angeles Daily News thinks this show “pretty much achieves what it’s intended to be — lightweight summer entertainment. Occasionally, it seems a little conveniently off. There are two government investigations going on that too often trip over each other, and they seem slow to pick up leads. That could be frustrating for viewers to be ahead of the game.”

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