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Here Is TVRating:  4( out of 5).  “Restless,” an espionage thriller that revolves around the story of Ruth Gilmartin when she learned that her mother has been living a double-life.  Favorable reviews have been written about this mini-series, and many critics feel this show is worth watching.  Some critics feel, though, that the pace of story is a bit slow, but the positive assessments regarding the original TV mini-series outweigh the negative criticisms.

The Hollywood Reporter writes there is “Enough suspicion, deceit, twists and turns to keep viewers intrigued by this well-acted two-parter.”

The New York Post gives it a perfect rating of 4 out of 4 stars, and further writes ““Restless,” the stylish, William Boyd novel which he has been adapted into a mini-series, is as good as it gets.”

Entertainment Weekly rates it a B+, and explains, “The twisty tale tries to tackle more than it can handle in the suspense department, but the remarkable acting keeps you sucked in till the very last confusing second.”

The Miami Herald says “The uncommon acuity of Boyd’s script is immeasurably bolstered by an outstanding female cast.”

Newsday gives it a B rating, saying the series has “Good performances, good period details, good payoff. But “Restless” would’ve worked better as a two-hour film.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks “”Restless” could benefit from a little more development of the characters Eva works with — it would make their stories more meaningful and poignant — but overall this four-hour miniseries is a strong entry.”

The New York Times is not a big fan, and writes “Mr. Boyd and the director, Edward Hall (“MI-5,” “Strike Back”), have turned an entertaining and suspenseful novel into a surprisingly ordinary television production.”

Variety suggests “Practically speaking, it’s better than nothing, but in this case, the strategy would work better if “Restless” was a little less restful.”

The Kansas City Star says “This is not a show for background entertainment while folding laundry; it demands active engagement, and the payoff is worth it.”

The Wall Street Journal notes “There’s not much, to be sure, likely to spoil the pleasures of this work, one of whose charms is a refreshingly unhurried air even as it goes ripping sharply along, suspenseful to the end.”

The Boston Globe writes ““Restless” entertains and sometimes genuinely chills.”

The Baltimore Sun says “This is as good as it gets”.

The Chicago Tribune calls the mini-series “gripping”.

The Denver Post thinks “”Restless” spins a smart, rich yarn and, even if its conclusion is a bit labored (by then, there are many strands to untangle), the film delivers a satisfying twist.”

Bloomberg rates the mini-series 2 and a half stars, and further writes “With “Restless,” the spy game is more cloak than dagger.” writes “It certainly has a classic feel to it that could sweep even the most dedicated Masterpiece-lover off their feet.”

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