TV Show Review – Proof

TV Show Review – Proof


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  “What happens after we die?”  That is the question explored in TNT’s new drama Proof starring Jennifer Beals as Dr. Carolyn Tyler who is asked by Ivan Touring (played by Matthew Modine), a billionaire suffering from cancer, to look into cases of reincarnation and near death experiences.   Good, though not great, reviews for this melodrama.

Variety simply states “Proof explores the mother of all mysteries — what happens after we die? — in the most uninspired and banal of ways.” They think it is “filled with clichés”, and Jennifer Beales character is “drab.”

The New York Times writes “beautiful minds (and some intriguingly nutty concepts) collide” in this series.

The Hollywood Reporter thinks “on paper, frankly, it sounds like a disaster.” But they say “In execution, however, the bluntly named Proof reveals itself as a highly beguiling object — an unabashed melodrama that, based on the three episodes sent out for review, uses its high-concept hook as a way to explore some all-too-earthly longings.”

The Los Angeles Daily News says “It’s hard to tell where “Proof” is going based on a couple of episodes, which zigzag between taking time to lay all of this out and stuff that seems almost tangential, like a past-life experience shared by an Iraq war soldier and a comic book artist. ” They are hopeful though, saying “there may be enough “Proof” there to keep you interested for a while.”

Newsday wonders if the “circumstances seem more conveniently contrived” and mentions that “Character chat also gets a bit overt.” Although these sound negative, they think “These all help “Proof” prove itself. They pack a punch — but only when smartly employed in top-notch productions with intelligent performances”

The New York Daily News says “While “Proof” doesn’t pretend to resolve the afterlife question, it does suggest multiple avenues for exploring it.”

The Orlando Sentinel writes “Beals fierce style deepens a compelling premise.”


  • I just watched the first episode of Proof. I think that the show could be a hit with the exception of the character by the name of Dr. Carolyn Tyler. She portrays a very egotistical person who seems to be an atheist and has a very f—– up attitude. She needs to tone down a notch. This character could really put a damper on the entire show. Clean up her personality and this show could probably blossom into a very interesting series.

  • I was looking forward to this show, but the main character, Dr.Carolyn Tyler, is totally unbearable. She is an egomaniac, extremely rude and treats and talks to her subordinates like they were dirt under her feet. Just a very horrible character. I won’t be watching any more episodes.

    • Ahhh, that’s exactly what makes Ms. Beals presence in this series interesting. Simultaneously poignant and perverse; a human being, warts and all. Being a top surgeon and coping with the death of a child can never be easy. I’ll keep watching!

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