TV Show Review – Prison Break

TV Show Review – Prison Break


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  On Tuesday night Fox premiers what they are calling the fifth season of Prison Break which picks up seven years after the end of the original series. We meet up with T-Bag who is being released from prison, and when he goes to collect his intake items, he finds an unfamiliar envelope. Inside, there is a recent picture of Michael Schofield, whom he thought was dead. He visits Lincoln who then hits the road to search for him, and travels halfway around the world to find him in a Yemen prison.  The critical consensus is that there is nothing new here but if you liked the first four seasons, you’ll like this one.

Newsday writes “Consider this nine-episode series that long-awaited promise kept.” They say “Best of all, the bros are back. Linc’s still tough and impulsive. Michael still has that lonely middle-distance stare. Tuesday’s opener suggests there’s plenty of action ahead, some real-world parallels, and a shaggy dog that could lead us to an interesting place. Hopefully that place will finally be closure.”

Variety find it “puzzling that the return of “Prison Break” takes so little advantage of all that potential, and offers up a incarceration saga that is by turns mechanical, grim and overly convoluted.” They think “The best thing about the new series are colorful performances from Knepper and Adelstein, who play T-Bag and the slimy Paul Kellerman, respectively. They continue to bring just the right approaches to their scene-stealing characters, and Knepper in particular is a treat every time he turns up.”

Forbes states “The show dives heavily back into its conspiracy roots,” They say “the new Prison Break delivers on everything fans want. In the end, this is a show about commitment to insanity, and everyone is committing.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes “The show remains crazy in its plotting, but it does move at a quick clip, fast enough that some viewers will forgive it for some obvious twists and turns.”

The New York Times thinks “The show is so full of cryptic clues preposterously delivered that it’s hard to take seriously.” They say “the ingredients that fans of the old show are looking for are certainly here: a prison, an escape plan, a slowly emerging conspiracy, old-favorite characters newly imagined. But once the thrill of becoming reacquainted wears off, you’re left with a somewhat muddled, not at all credible yarn.”

Entertainment Weekly writes “The return of Prison Break is so exhaustingly mediocre, I barely have energy to make jokes about it.” They say “Prison Break isn’t worth much of anything, but it could have been. You can see the better show trying to escape its lock-up of bad ideas.”

We Got This Covered notes “It’s clear from the start that this season is intended for longtime viewers, so if you’re a newcomer, it may be hard to follow along with what exactly’s going on.” They also say “Despite that, the Prison Break revival should still make for exciting television, as it’s packed full of great action and enough fun twists and turns to intrigue even those who aren’t totally caught up. Plus, the performances are strong all around, making it easy to get invested in the characters again.”

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