TV Show Review – Prey

TV Show Review – Prey


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  Prey,  BBC America’s six episode police procedural, premiers on February 25 with two murder cases that are linked by Detective Sgt. Susan Reinhardt, played by Rosie Cavaliero. The first three episodes follow one cop on the run after being framed for one of the murders and the last three follow another cop on the run. The critics found this entertaining but not exceptional, calling it a good cop show with a twist.

Variety thinks Prey shares many traits with quality offerings like “Happy Valley,” “The Fall” and the first season of “Broadchurch” without quite reaching those dramas’ heights.” They say it “is most successful when it sticks to supplying propulsive twists and turns in its two main stories.” They also thinkThe most effective aspect of “Prey” is the way in which the cat-and-mouse game between the police and the men they are hunting is depicted.”

The Wall Street Journal says “fans of British police procedurals will enjoy Prey.” They think “the series lives up to its name –with a twist.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer calls this “fairly derivative stuff.” They say “Once this crime thriller lures you in and really gets going, it’s an off-to-the-races ride that never forgets to delve deeply into the dark sides of the central characters. Derivative? Yes, but in endlessly sly and fascinating ways.”

The San Francisco Chronicle writes “Lunt’s script is wonderfully naturalistic and almost flawless at every level. There’s a slight character-motivation hiccup in how Farrow reacts after finding his wife and sons in the blood-soaked apartment — what he does simply doesn’t make sense, no matter how much he’s in shock — but otherwise, Lunt knows that the secret to a good plot is good characterizations.”

The New York Times calls this “fairly entertaining.” They say “Ms. Cavaliero is doughty and likable, and Mr. Simm is excellent as always, a cheeky blend of congeniality and slightly annoying self-assurance. After a slow start focused on establishing unnecessary back stories, the show shifts into a series of satisfying and suspenseful “Roadrunner”-like chases and escapes. “

The Hollywood Reporter thinks the show “uses great acting to cover up story weaknesses.” They say “ultimately the writing isn’t quite there, hurriedly attempting to cram relatively big ideas into each three-episode arc, and in the process revealing the story’s flaws.”

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