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Here Is TVRating:  2 (out of 5).  Malibu Country follows the life of Reba Gallagher (Reba McEntire), a once country music sensation, who moves with her family to Malibu, California, after finding out that her husband has been cheating on her.  The reviews are generally unfavorable, and some are even saying that the sitcom is a waste of good talent.

Entertainment Weekly grades the series a B-, saying he “like(s) the premise and kind of dig the sheer novelty of a show that doesn’t have characters forever addressing the camera”, but he can’t say he “laughed a lot”.

Newsday agrees with the B- rating above, noting “A star’s gotta have something to say and play. Here’s hoping Reba’s team learns to handle that half.”

The San Francisco Chronicle writes that the comedy is “anything but edgy”, but also thinks that of all this season’s new  sitcoms, this “comes closest to getting the right balance of an irresistibly likable star, a solid ensemble cast and some legitimately funny lines”.

The New York Times calls the sitcom “retro”.  But further writes, “At this point, though, retro would be a compliment. “Malibu Country” looks more like a relic.”

San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times explains the good and the bad of the show.  “The good news is that five years after her first series ended on The CW, McEntire is back in prime time, and her considerable spunk and charm are still very much intact.  The bad news? Her show isn’t that good.”

USA Today thinks the “Malibu Country” is “A woeful sitcom song”, and that “A wealth of talent — Reba McEntire, Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue — is squandered in this futile sitcom”.

The Boston Globe writes the show is “a traffic jam of culture-clash cliches, numbing laugh track cackles, and fake stage-set lighting”.

The Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News says the show “plays like a distressingly formulaic Disney Channel comedy.”

The Miami Herald is not a fan as well, even titling the review article: “‘Malibu Country’ a rehash of the lame ‘Reba’”.

According to Variety, the sitcom “produced nothing but an empty pad” of notes, after sitting through its pilot, and that “nobody can accuse ABC of saving the best for last.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette calls the sitcom “dreadful”, and further writes “Lousy writing and stale characters rule in “Malibu Country.”

The Washington Post gives the sitcom an F grade, calling it “unfortunately joyless”.

The Huffington Post advises viewers to “Stay Out Of “Malibu Country””.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes “This fall, if it’s an ABC comedy, it must be pathetic. And this one is about as off-key as it gets.”

The Arizona Republic thinks “Wasting this much talent should be a crime.”

The Chicago Sun-Times gives the sitcom 1 and a half stars, saying the “show feels dated, unoriginal and” “a weak excuse to get its main star back on TV.”

The Dallas Morning News says the show might please fans of Reba McEntire, but others “will be turned off by the corny writing, the lazy gay and drug jokes, and the grating laugh track”.

The New York Daily News, however, includes the sitcom in this week’s list of Top 10 TV picks, saying “It’s worth it to see Lily Tomlin and Reba McEntire do their mother-daughter thing.”

TV Guide wishes they “had something good to say about Reba McEntire’s upcoming Malibu Country, but it’s just awful”. gives the sitcom a C- grade, further saying that “The set-up for Malibu Country is same-old, same-old”.

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