TV Show Review – Guilt

TV Show Review – Guilt


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  Freeform’s Guilt takes the premise of the Amanda Knox story and turns it into fictional series. Billy Zane stars in this show inspired by the events surrounding the Knox case. He plays Stan Gutterie, a ruthless lawyer who works in London after being disgraced in the states. Daisy Head plays Grace, a wealthy woman living in London whose roommate turns up dead in their apartment. The critics are calling this a summer guilty pleasure, comparing it to a juicy summer beach novel.

The Hollywood Reporter calls this a “hodgepodge of bizarre accents, silly red herrings, mismatched performances, comically sanitized tawdriness and Instagram-filtered postcard locations.” They say it “offers a lot of amusement, but only some of it is intentional and the end result is probably, at best, aGuilt-y pleasure.”

TV Guide describes “Guilt” as a “melodramatic whodunit that unspools in the aftermath of the murder of a young Irish woman named Molly Ryan” They say the first season “almost literally has it all, and just when you think that there’s no possible way for the show to pack anything more into the premiere, just when you think things can’t get any crazier, the series doubles down on the twists to create the dramatic equivalent of a rushing roller coaster — you want to slow down and get off the ride, but you’re also not sure how to do it or why you’d want to.”

“The whole thing is fabulous, as in utterly unrealistic” says The Wall Street Journal. The call it “the paperback you avidly consume on the beach. Sometimes the pages flap in the wind and flip sand into your eyes. Who cares?”

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  • Sounds great. To bad for everybody on the show, it will never stand up to this kind of hype! As they say in show business, Break a Leg!

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