TV Show Review – Finding Carter

TV Show Review – Finding Carter


Rating:  4 (out of 5).  “Finding Carter” follows Carter, a young girl who seems to have a perfect life with her single mom, Lori. One day, the police crash a party and reveal that Carter was abducted by Lori as a child. Now, Carter must return to her biological family and navigate her new life while still wanting to be reunited with the mother who raised her. Most of the critics are fans of this one.

Variety thinks, ““Finding Carter” isn’t bad, necessarily, but nor does anything about it really cry out to be found.”

Newsday says, “”Finding Carter” isn’t some teen show. It’s a stellar drama.”

Boston Herald writes, “Carter’s journey is rushed. If the show just pumped the brakes a bit, it might discover a heart worth following.”

Chicago Sun-Times notes, “You may not be able to relate to the mind-bending premise, but the on-point writing and performances make this a worthwhile drama for the whole family.”

According to The New York Times, “Much like the shows on ABC Family, “Finding Carter” has a muted palette, and is full of double crosses, shifting sympathies and warring dualities.”

The San Francisco Chronicle thinks, “The cast is uniformly good and the younger actors are notably credible as real teenagers – a rarity in many TV shows. Prescott is terrific. You cannot take your eyes off her as she explores the complexities and challenges of being a young girl whose life is suddenly pulled out from under her.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says, “There’s a decent amount of character development in the over-stuffed pilot, written by Emily Silver, with themes that hold appeal to teens and parents. And while the depiction of teen life – the casual drinking and drug use — may ring true to some teens, it’s likely to disturb some parents, too.”

IndieWire notes, “”Finding Carter” oozes teen angst in what we hope is the best way possible.”

According to Paste Magazine, “More complex than what you might expect from MTV, Finding Carter has the requisite amount of teen angst and love triangles, but it doesn’t sugarcoat the adolescent experience or get mired in too much melodrama. And it sets up some great mysteries in the pilot. Why did Lori take Carter? What’s up with Elizabeth? After the premiere, you’ll be wanting answers to those questions and more.”


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