TV Show Review – Chicago Justice

TV Show Review – Chicago Justice


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  NBC’s latest addition to the Chicago franchise is Chicago Justice, starring Philip Winchester as Peter Stone, a prosecutor and Carl Weathers as Mark Jeffries, the state’s attorney. The series follows the same format as Law and Order and divides its time between the law and order sides of the system. The critics found this latest Dick Wolf series to be just as ordinary as the other shows in this franchise. It plays just like you would expect, and it doesn’t require much from the viewer. If you are a fan of the format,  you’ll enjoy this just as much as the others.

The San Francisco Chronicle states “The writing is formulaic and uninteresting, the performances weak, the characters bland and one-dimensional, and overall, the show compares badly to better crafted work that used to be the hallmark of a Dick Wolf production.”

The Chicago Tribune calls it a “sturdy, good-looking, somewhat formulaic drama.” They say “it is perhaps a bit too studio-bound and could use more real-world locations shot outside in the city itself. But the show is satisfyingly well-made. Relax, sit back, you know the drill.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer thinks “Chicago Justice seems like a good fit for the franchise.”

USA Today says this is “as irredeemably ordinary as TV gets — but then, as with the old Model T’s, prestige-level quality is not the manufacturer’s goal. It’s all about consistency and marketability.” They note that “Dick Wolf and his Chicago studio churn out time-filling, well-polished, mediocre (and interchangeable) parts that make no demands on your intellect or attention span.”

The Chicago Daily Herald writes “As affirmed by the family ties of its Peter Stone, “Chicago Justice” has echoes of Law & Order.”

Uproxx thinks “Chicago Justice, on the other hand, feels like comfort food in the same way the other Chicago series have when I’ve sampled them, with all the narrative and ethical complexity smoothed out just enough that you won’t miss anything if a sock-sorting problem becomes surprisingly difficult while you watch.”



  • I watch all of the Dick Wolf shows and love them all, however I am going to have to give Chicago Justice a little more time, I think it needs more excitement. I like Antonio’s character on Chicago PD better, he’s to bad…for this new character and he doesn’t connect with his new partner, in my opinion. There’s not much happening on this new show so far.

  • Well Chicago justice you just lost me I watch all the Chicago shows but because of this episode that’s on right now I will not watch…stop putting what’s going on in this country with Muslims in our faces if they live here in America take the goddamn thing off your face !!!

  • I was very disappointed with the ending of tonights show. March 7 2017.
    I feel the Muslim guy should have gotten off, considering he more than likely saved a few lives.

  • Absolutely the best qoute ever in the last 5 minutes of Tuesday’s show was AWESOME from the defensive lawyee at the bar…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AWESOME SERIES

  • I watch the other three series regularly and love them, but this one leaves me cold. The storylines are boring and the actors don’t seem to act well together. I wish Antonio would go back to Chicago PD, he was great in that show.

  • I love all the “Chicago” shows, except for this one. Every one that I have seen so far has had something “negative” about race and religion. There is enough, if not too much of that going around in this world now, we don’t need it on the shows as well. If this truly is what Chicago is all about, I’m glad I don’t live there…….too much hate.

  • Yeah Antonio’s partner is just NOT working. There is no connection she is awful.

  • Why was there so much government and regulations bashing on last night’s show?

  • I love all of the Chicago shows, however they need to keep with the Chicago experience. This week they showed Antonio eating a hotdog with ketchup. That may seem silly but in Chicago you NEVER put ketchup on a dog as a matter of fact several places will refuse the request. I think if you are filming in a city and you want realism you follow the traditions of a city. That being said. I do like Justice and agree it is developing a little slower than the other three. Hopefully it find it’s niche soon.

  • Pull all the pictures of Obummer off your set he is no longer the POTUS and he has made sure the city 🌃 f Chicago is rat infested.
    I will post everything for people not to watch this show because of your support for a person who has done everything to set race relations back 50 years.

  • Its a shame that there this show is getting canceled, I 💜 the show, the only thing is that Antonio needs a new partner because his partner now his a horrible actress

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