TV Show Review – Chasing Life

TV Show Review – Chasing Life


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  ABC Family’s new drama “Chasing Life” stars Italia Ricci as a 20 something newspaper intern who finds out she has terminal cancer.  Stephen Webber stars as her estranged uncle, an oncologist, who also happens to be the one who diagnoses her disease.   A number of the critics used the term “silly” or “unrealistic” to describe the series but others, while not huge fans of the show, nevertheless found it “interesting.”

The New York Daily News writes “Chasing Life walks a line itself, staying away from sad, but stopping short of sentimental. Ricci makes the balance work, reminding us that a story of a girl with cancer can also be the story of a girl.”

Variety thinks this drama is well suited to ABC Family. They find Italia Ricci “appealing” and there are “enough soapy doings to keep its audience intrigued, despite clunky moments and another groan-inducing screen representation of newspaper life.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comments on the unrealistic depiction of life at a newspaper calling it “laughable”.  They also say “If April’s work world is silly, her home life is uninvolving because it’s barely sketched out and seems like an afterthought.” They close by saying “there’s little sense of urgency in “Chasing Life” beyond its title.”

Newsday finds the series “a bit contrived but still interesting”. They are hopeful saying “a mystery whopper at premiere’s end that further juices the stakes. Plus there’s Italia Ricci, whose smart likeability carries interest through the plot contrivances.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune calls this “female fantasyland” and “silly”.  They like Ricci though saying she is  “an Alyssa Milano look-alike, is engaging and strong-willed, but it will take more than girl power for this to be worth chasing.”

The Philadelphia Daily News thinks ” there are one or two (or five) plot points too many packed into each episode, potentially lessening the impact of any single one but also ensuring that “Life” won’t be one long sobfest.”

The New York Times says “Chasing Life” turns into a ” case study in how not to be subtle. It has a reasonable point to make — next to a cancer diagnosis, a lot of life seems trivial — but makes it over and over again.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune thinks the series is “silly”. They say ” most of the quips are one-liners that wouldn’t make the cut on its vastly superior predecessor Gilmore Girls.”


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