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Here Is TVReview:  3 (out of 5).  “Brooklyn DA” is a six part reality show that follows prosecutors and other employees from the Brooklyn district attorney’s office as they work on their cases.Variety says “there’s not a lot here you haven’t seen before, in one form or another.” They note that the series uses a ” spare but heavily scored style that seeks to bring some entertainment value to the documentary format” comparing the

The New York Times doesn’t like how the series “flaunts its Brooklyn-ness.” They feel it is full of clichés from the borough. They also comment on how the series walks a fine line with some of its “election-influencing conclusions.”

“Brooklyn DA does a good job of humanizing the “system” by which bad guys are held accountable for bad deeds.” says the New York Daily News. They also say it feels like a “hybrid” both in “genre and content.”

Newsday calls the series an “infomercial” for Charles Hynes re-election campaign. They also say that as a reality series it is “highly effective” giving them credit for ” interviews with the Figoskis that are powerful and especially poignant reminders of a tragedy many may have already forgotten.’

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