TV Show Review – Brockmire

TV Show Review – Brockmire


Rating 4 (out of 5).  The new sports comedy Brockmire from IFC stars Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire, a sportscaster who had an epic on-air meltdown about his wife’s infidelity and was forced to leave the profession. It is now ten years later and he is back, but in small town Pennsylvania where he is now the in-stadium announcer for a sorry excuse for a minor-league baseball team. The critics loved this, and they loved Azaria along the antics he brings to the show as an announcer.

The Tampa Bay Times calls this a “funny and foul ball.” They say “thanks to Hank Azaria it’s a home run.” They say “Brockmire‘s success is in its crude jokes through emotionally grounded humor, all wrapped in the comforting nostalgic sounds of America’s favorite pastime.”

Variety says “despite the inherent tragedies of being a rust-belt minor-league alcoholic baseball announcer, “Brockmire” is quite a lot of fun to watch.” They think it is “because it is exceptionally critical of its protagonist, looking for opportunities to expose his hypocrisies. And partly that is because “Brockmire’s” comedic sensibility tends towards hyper-relevant surreality. They call this is “ weird, funny portrait of a singular man, and it paints its picture very well — working both as a snapshot of this aging oddity of Americana and a universal story about a washed-up person coming to terms with himself, despite several drunken efforts to the contrary.”

The Hollywood Reporter describes this as a “rough-but-funny new baseball comedy.” They say “It helps if you’re the kind of person who gets excited by a cameo from baseball scribe Jonah Keri and who knows to be impressed when guest star Tim Kurkjian nails the punchline, “I love lentil.”” But, they say “But affection for Willie Stargell and Red Barber and the sport’s unwritten rules is hardly mandatory, because in Azaria’s hands, Brockmire and Brockmire are almost astonishingly versatile.”

The New York Times calls “Brockmire” a “wildly inappropriate comedy” They say “Brockmire’s work in the booth is refreshingly outlandish — in one episode he incites a near riot by insulting the town the opposing team is from. And Tyrel Jackson Williams is a delight as his techie sidekick. But baseball badly played isn’t the only thing on this show’s mind.”

The San Francisco Chronicle thinks “Brockmire is an acquired taste — both the new IFC comedy and the man himself.” They say “Azaria is terrific in the show, just wallowing in his character’s bad behavior. Peet is as competent as she always is, and Finneran is solidly funny as Brockmire’s screwball ex-wife.”

Newsday thinks “What Azaria has done here is turn a vocal trick into an eight-episode series, except there’s not much more to it than the trick.” Their bottom line: “Amusing initially, tedious ultimately.”

The Colorado Springs Gazette finds Jim Brockmire to be “a wild and interesting character.” Azaria dives into his role with relish. A complex figure, Brockmire is funny, dark, pathetic and endearing, with these characteristics often within moments of each other.” They give it a B-saying “This series has issues, but much like its titular character, if you can look past them you’ll find “Brockmire” a true diamond in the rough.”

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