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Here Is TVRating:  2 (out of 5).  ABC’s “Betrayal” stars Hannah Ware as Sara Hanley, a wife and mother who falls in love with stranger Jack McAllister only to later find out that he is a lawyer for his crime boss father in law.  The show has many twists, turns and subplots for the writers to expand upon throughout the season but the critics are not impressed with the pilot, most of them agreeing that we have seen this and done this before. Several of them also comment on the lack of chemistry between Ware and Stuart Townsend who plays Jack McAllister.

The New York Post  calls “Betrayal” a “promising new drama” and says “all the possible scenarios make you want to tune in next week to see which one Zabel and his writers explore.” They call Hannah Ware a “breath of fresh air: she’s subtle, assured and has an ethereal allure.”

The New York Daily News calls the drama “a worth addition to the roster of florid prime-time soaps.” They comment on the possible subplots in the series and say “With law, politics, forbidden romance and the sordid doings of awful rich people all on the table, the raw material is certainly available for “Betrayal” to become a solid guilty pleasure.”

According to Newsday the pilot doesn’t work as either a mystery or a romantic drama, saying that “The fatal attraction story line is a long windup to a punch line you already know, and promos have revealed it as well.”

The San Francisco Chronicle calls it “below average.”  They say “Betrayal” is an “implausible soap opera meant to snuggle in to ABC’s Sunday night lineup after the slightly more plausible sudser Revenge.”

The Philadelphia Daily News thinks we should pay “no attention whatsoever” to “Betrayal.”  They say “Not even James Cromwell can breathe life into this.”

The Washington Post thinks the series is “sleek but forgettable” They say there is not much to the show that “you don’t see coming from many miles away” and their comment on the characters is “there’s barely enough chemistry between Ware and Townsend to make things bubble.”

The New York Times does not think there is any chemistry between the characters saying “they’re basically generic-looking actors playing out an unsurprising dynamic.”

“Barring an unexpected turn for the better, the show seems destined to generate more unintended giggles than heat ” says Variety, calling it unsatisfying.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette calls it “dreary and dull” and says it is “the definition of a TV dud.” They go on to say that this show “may depict the most boring, sullen, sad-faced affair in TV history and that in itself is a betrayal of what the show promises.

The Los Angeles Times thinks “Betrayal” is a “perfectly dreadful new drama” indicating that although there are several problems with the new show,  “the main problem is that it takes itself too seriously.”

TV Guide refers to several different  guilty pleasures and calls the “Betrayal” the ” worst of the melodramatic lot.”

The Salt Lake Tribune calls it “grim” and says “could that possibly have been as boring as I thought?” They wonder why ABC even picked it up calling it “grim, uninteresting and mind-numbing soap opera that’s less interesting than looking out the window and watching your neighbors.”

E Online wants to like “Betrayal” but says “there isn’t enough television foreplay to get us all the way there.” The comment on the idea that it “starts flat, builds up a bit and then ends in an unsatisfying way.”

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