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Here Is TVRating:  5 (out of 5).  Jack is back. He may only be staying for a short time, but “24: Live Another Day” is bringing him back to us 4 years after the series was ostensibly cancelled.  Jack Bauer now lives in London but he is still battling bad guys in his attempt to protect the world.  This time around Jack is a wanted man, being hunted by his own government.  Chloe is back too but she now works for an underground group that resembles WikiLeaks.  Her character has been through some rough times creating a more hardened character that sports a punked out look.  Most of the critics are happy to see Jack back in action, even if it is only for 12 hours (the title of the show notwithsanding).

Forbes likes that in the return of “24” we are getting “a new Bauer, a sharper Bauer.” They also think “the series managed to breathe new life into all the characters that aren’t Jack.”

Time doesn’t think much has changed, but in a good way. Even though the setting has changed, and the storyline has changed “If you want a 24 very much like the show that went off the air in 2010, it will please you; if you’ve forgotten much about the show in the intervening four years, it might surprise you. Otherwise, 24 is very much 24, even if this one only adds up to 12.”

The San Jose Mercury News thinks the fun in this renewed series is “reconnecting with old friends at different stages of their lives.”

The New York Post says “In no time, Jack is kicking major butt and reminding us why he is one of TV’s greatest action stars.” They think “24: Live Another Day has the kind of heart-stopping suspense that makes it impossible to look away to tweet.”

“24: Live Another Day cuts right to the chase” says The Detroit News. “Not that the chase isn’t still dizzying, far-fetched and filled with calamity, but it’s looking like the show is going to lose a lot of the flab that weighed it down in previous seasons.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks the “hiatus has been good for 24, and for Jack.” They say even though Jack looks more “world-weary and haggard” the “need-for-speed storytelling style is as sharp as ever. Jack is back, all right, and with a purpose.”

The Wall Street Journal is convinced that “audiences will be as enthralled by “24” as they ever have been, if not more, and they’ll have good reason.”

Newsday thinks the very first shot of Jack in this series “tells you almost everything you need to know about Jack since last seen.”  They say “It is good — very good — made even better because we know we won’t be groaning our way through hours 22 and 23, as the last crazy plot twists rend logic, plausibility and patience (ours). Jack does have unfinished business but it’s nice to know he only has twelve hours to get it done.”

The New York Daily News says the reason to watch this is not for “ideology” it’s “to get caught up in a fast-paced, high-powered adventure played out by people we care about.”

The San Francisco Chronicle says “Because “24” was so far ahead of its time during its first go-round, the new incarnation doesn’t feel at all dated. But there is obvious irony in that a show that presaged the dawn of the age of binge watching is returning on a weekly basis on broadcast TV.”

The Hollywood Reporter thinks “as long as the series has no pretension to greatness, it’s a lot of fun.” They say they like the show best “when it’s hilariously bad.” “If an episode of 24 is not ludicrous and far-fetched, then it’s not being true to itself.”

Entertainment Weekly thinks “24: Live Another Day” is more a “showcase for everything that was bad about 24 than a reminder of everything that was good.”

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette calls this new “24” “the same old 24, not only in title but in just about every imaginable way.”  They think “This sameness highlights how the show’s format, revolutionary when it premiered more than a decade ago, has become formulaic and a little stale.”

The Washington Post thinks the show is “coming back before we had a chance to really feel Jack Bauer’s absence.” This is causing the series “to look like many of the one-hour prime time dramas still jockeying to replace it.”

The New York Times says “Live Another Day” is a “revival, not a do-over.” They say the show is “more of the same that filled all the days that came before, and that’s not always desirable. Sometimes it’s better to start over completely or let a series end for real, for good.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune indicates that this series “may have suffered more from its reliance on repetition if it had aired immediately following the eighth season of “24” back in 2010. But after a four-year break, the show’s familiar devices — split screens, interwoven story lines, intense violence, shady villains — make for a nice return trip down Apocalypse Lane.”

USA Today believes that “Jack Bauer’s ability to snap necks, and the star’s ability to add gravitas to absurd situations, remain intact.”

The Sioux City Journal calls it “the same old 24 but with less time.” They think “Setting the new run in London is a good move. It gives the audience an interesting change of scenery and a place where Bauer may not be in control.”

The Philidelphia Inquirer has the idea that “The reason to watch, as always, is Jack and his desperate race against time. 24: Live Another Day has all the old style and content hallmarks: the crazy, adrenalized action, the hidden-agenda plot twists, and the pounding Wagnerian countdowns to commercials.

The Kansas City Star thinks that “after almost four years, little has changed.” They say “The steely-eyed way Kiefer Sutherland plays Bauer and the complicated story lines of spy vs. spy are still there. The action has shifted to London, and instead of the season running 24 episodes, it will only be 12. But everything else is pure high-octane Bauer.”

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