TV Show Review – 24:  Legacy

TV Show Review – 24: Legacy


Rating:  3 (out of 5).  Fox’s 24: Legacy stars Corey Hawkins as Sgt. Eric Carter, an agent who is racing to stop a terrorist attack on the US. The former Army Ranger suspects that members of his team are being targeted six months after completing a mission.  If you liked the original you’ll probably like this one, say the critics, even if it adds nothing new and is more of the same.

Entertainment Weekly writes “There’s still some crackle in the split-screen storytelling, still some pop in the action. The sprawl of melodrama complicates quickly, so it’s possible the series can evolve into something more interesting than a guilty-pleasure hate-watch.” They say “Get better soon, 24: Legacy. My clock is ticking” and give it a D.

The Washington Post thinks this might be better than the original. They shout “ Surprise! “24: Legacy” is a blast! Judging from the first three episodes, it’s at least as good as the series that inspired it.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks this has an “extremely likable lead” but they think it is “by far the weakest of Fox’s attempts to recapture the glories of Hollywood yesteryear.” They say “This sometimes talky and often preposterous “Legacy” effort has all of the annoying flaws of Kiefer Sutherland’s long-running “24” and none of its considerable strengths.”

Variety states “24: Legacy takes all the basics and executes them with rote diligence, without adding anything in the way of inspiration or relevance.” They say “ Many of the elements added or altered in this incarnation of the franchise are forgettable at best and questionable at worst.” And “All in all, this generally clunky reboot serves as reminder of just how much “24” owes the gravelly voice and dependable charisma of Kiefer Sutherland, who serves as an executive producer but does not star.”

The Hollywood Reporter thinks “Corey Hawkins is a worthy successor to Keifer Sutherland” and they think this “has both the strengths and weaknesses of the original.”

USA Today tells viewers “Most of what you loved about the old series is still intact, including that famous ticking clock marking the show’s real-time (well, almost) structure.” They think “Odds are that for most who have fond memories of the show, the good will outweigh the bad. But there’s no doubt that for others, the scale will differ.”

CNN writes “Reviving “24” with a new, younger hero was a good idea on paper. But it’s on paper — in terms of the writing — where the idea breaks down, yielding ridiculous and clichéd plot twists even by the show’s frenetic real-time standards.”

Newsday calls the reboot “so-so” but they think Hawkins “shines.” They say “the fact that “Legacy” doesn’t do much to distract viewers from the implausibility is a problem. “24” used to be an elaborate three-card Monte trick, with so much action in one story that viewers couldn’t catch their breath” but “In “Legacy,” only heck periodically breaks out.”

The Detroit News thinks the timing is wrong for this. They say “the original “24” was character-driven to a large extent by Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer and elevated even further when Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe O’Brian came along. No such fire or chemistry is evident here.”

The Boston Herald gives it a “C” stating “Usually “24” descends into silliness in its final third act, and by that time, it has built up a reservoir of goodwill so viewers are determined to finish the day. Not so much with this one.” They say “The action sequences, once a hallmark of this series, are a letdown, although Carter shows some swagger at one point when he off-handedly shoots a terrorist as he’s hustling by him.”

The New York Times notes “The signature “24” format — each episode represents an hour in real time — is as pulse-pounding as ever.” But they notice that “One ingredient that has more or less disappeared, at least in the first four episodes, is the use of torture as a reliable way to get information, a frequent target of “24” critics.”

Las Vegas Weekly says “Eric Carter is mostly a badass action hero just like his predecessor, and the show (written and produced largely by the original creative team) takes him through very familiar territory, with little innovation or variation.” They think without Jack Bauer “Legacy is mostly just a pointless retread.”

The Philadelphia Daily News writes “At 12 episodes instead of 24, Legacy may be able to avoid some of the more absurd detours that plagued the original, but the formula remains the same: Technology is great, but human ingenuity tops it every time.”

The Salt Lake Tribune states “Jack Bauer is gone, but Fox’s ‘24’ still completely crazy.”

TV Guide calls it “formulatic fun” and says it’s “exactly what anyone who watched the original would come to expect, for better or worse.”

The Los Angeles Times describes this as “Suspenseful even when it’s silly” and calls it “very much a “24” child in form and content.”


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