Sarah Wynter Interview

Sarah Wynter Interview


Sarah Wynter can be seen in Amazon’s excellent legal drama, Goliath.  We spoke with the actress about working on that series as well as 24 and more. Below, an edited version of that conversation.

When did you know you wanted to get into acting? Was there someone who influenced your decision?

I knew I wanted to get into acting when I was in high school in Sydney. There was something about clothing myself in someone else’s character that I found challenging and fun….mostly fun. And while no one in particular influenced me more than another, I did have a number of dedicated and talented coaches when I was in school and an Aunt who worked with a theater company.


Did you have a mentor in those early days who helped you reach your goals? If so, was there a sage piece of advice that mentor gave you?

There was no specific mentor, just a village of people who believed in me and gave me encouragement . Amazing teachers in NYC and LA especially.


With that thought in mind, do you have any advice for aspiring actresses?

My advice is simple: if you love it, do it. Confucius said if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life. That has certainly been the case for me. I love what I do for a whole host of reasons. And I’ve never regretted pursuing this career.


Can you talk about what your experience has been like working on Goliath with Maria Bello, William Hurt and Billy Bob Thornton?

Well, the three names you mentioned include two Oscar winners and all are recognized widely for being the superior talents they are. I think if you have your ego in check and  can recognize when you are surrounded by greatness, as I surely was in Goliath, it is an extraordinary opportunity to learn and meaningfully  stretch yourself to become better at your craft. That was most assuredly the case in Goliath.


Going back further in your resume, can you share any fond memories you have of working on 24 with Kiefer Sutherland?

He was always very serious. He wasn’t only the lead of the show but a producer too so he had some daily pressures. When his sense of humor did come through it was pretty dirty, but incredibly entertaining! He made me laugh a lot.


You have appeared on the small screen and in box office films. Do you have a preferred medium? And, do you prefer sci-fi, comedy or drama?

I think they each have their benefits. With television, the process moves at a faster clip.  Scenes are shot and reshot, but not to the same extent as movies are. And there are advantages to both and I would be disappointed to not have the chance to continue to experience both media.  I really have no preference as to the genre; it’s really more about the quality of the role and the people involved that determine my enthusiasm.


Do you have a dream project that you want to do someday? If so, can you share anything about that project?

I have no real dream project, although I must confess that I would love to play a psychopathic villain..maybe even a serial killer. I’m a bit sheepish about saying that, but it is nonetheless the truth.


Out of all the TV shows for which you have appeared in was there one that was more challenging than another? Do you have funny behind the scenes stories you can share?

So many stand out. Playing a sex obsessed rock star wife on Californication was very memorable. Being able to openly flirt with David Duchovny and Rob Lowe and call it “work” was the best. Good times for sure.


What is you’re most interesting fan experience?

I was on a red carpet years ago and one of the foreign journalists for a South American entertainment show called out to me very enthusiastically to interview me live for his viewers. His English wasn’t good but he was clearly a big fan and told me what a thrill it was to be interviewing a world famous movie star. This was when I started to doubt myself. When he turned back to me at the end and said “Thank you Cate Blanchett!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


What is your idea of a perfect day off?

Well, as a mother of three, I really have no idea what a day off is. But my ideal day away from a studio is a day when I can have time with my children, exercise, time to read, time to grab a cup of coffee with a friend, and watch a little television in bed before I fall asleep….early.


Do you like to watch TV? Which shows are you currently watching?

I do enjoy watching TV. My taste runs from reality TV (RHO you-name-it) to The Walking Dead.  Good TV is as fun to watch as it is to make and I love to binge watch.


Do you have any hidden talent that your fans would be surprised to learn about?

While I would hesitate to say it is a talent, I do love to sing.  My kids love to hear me sing and I love to do it. I haven’t been trained to sing, and I’m not nearly good enough to publicly perform, but I do have fun with it—until I’m told to shut up.


How rewarding has it been to be part of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America?

This activity has been enormously rewarding. I think it is important to have interests beyond one’s own life, and this is mine. I think the lack of gun safety is a scourge in this country, and frankly, there is no legitimate argument against it. I say that with no sanctimony or arrogance. Moms Demand is not against the Second Amendment or against gun ownership. We are merely in favor of gun safety. How could anyone object to that? I am proud to be associated with this group of dedicated people and, most importantly we are making a difference—and that difference manifests itself in saved lives.


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