HiTVRating:  2.  Cheers seems reincarnated in this TBS comedy about a a New York lawyer and his girlfriend who move to Philadelphia and take over the family bar.  Some critics find it pleasant enough, one thinks it’s hilarious and others find it stale.

Variety is not a fan of this show, calling it a “stale concoction” and that it’s “as if the gang from “Cheers” sustained a head injury” while concluding that “After viewing three episodes, last call couldn’t come soon enough.”

The Hollywood Reporter is also unimpressed, writing, “Two episodes of Sullivan & Son were like watching caricatures of characters you’d seen before (and were equally unfunny then).”

Newsday, on the other hand, says that it’s ”A laugh-out-loud hilarious show. No joke. None of “Sullivan & Son” should work, really, and nearly all of it does.”

The Houston Chronicle calls it “a pleasant sitcom…”

The San Antonio Current also is not a fan, calling the characters ”drunkards, bigots, and morons — and not lovably so, as the producers seem to think” and saying that “It’ll take a few stiff drinks to get through another episode of Sullivan and Son.”

The San Francisco Chronicle thinks the show is fine, noting that “The jokes may get a solid B – no more, no less – but the populous cast is able…” and that “The show has an old-fashioned, inviting warmth, not unlike any neighborhood bar where “everybody knows your name.”"


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  1. [...] coming to an end, Sullivan & Son has its season finale on TBS at 10:00.   Here are the reviews of the premiere episode, it doesn’t appear that the critics will miss this one. [...]

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