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Here Is TVRating: 5.  The critics were consistent with their high praise for ABC’s new documentary series, “NY Med,” calling the show “griping,” and “first rate.”  If the critics are to be believed, this is a great new offering from ABC and one not to be missed.

Variety called it “first rate storytelling,” and said the show is “superior in class and tone to the vast majority of primetime offerings from ABC News.”

The New York Times said it’s “predictably absorbing,” and pointed out that “‘NY Med’ is shot in a vérité style without any apparent manipulation or staging, and with an evident seriousness of purpose,” and “edited — superbly — with a quick-cut style and breathless pace that put the show firmly in the prime-time reality mainstream.”  They also noted how “The cases in ‘NY Med’ range from the profound, involving appalling tumors or urgent transplants, to those that seem lifted from episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.”

Entertainment Weekly found a lot to like, writing, “There are funny moments (a guy with a 12-hour erection) and heartbreaking ones (a young mother with a brain tumor) on this fascinating docuseries…Not to mention great humanity from doctors and nurses.”

The Denver Post called the show “gripping,” and said, “Good storytelling, done with remarkable access to hospital personnel and patients, still beats fluff and titillation.”  They added that “Producer Terence Wrong once again delivers fast-paced, narration-free, riveting footage.”

The Baltimore Sun said it “surpasses [producer] Wrong’s earlier work in terms of prime-time storytelling without sacrificing any of the cultural seriousness or grand reach of [his previous] series.”  They added that “the 55-year-old Wrong has grown into such a lean, clean and sure-handed storyteller that each of the first five episodes flies by. The emotional ride seems richer and more varied, too, with the addition of lighter narratives deftly used to set up and balance the deeper, life-changing events that Wrong’s cameras let us witness.”

Newsday gave the show an “A+,” and asked, “Could there be any more exciting a subject for an unscripted series than this?”  They also provided a quick answer: “Nope.”  They add that the show “brings it all home with power, beauty, insight and a degree of emotion that’s an occasional sharp uppercut to the jaw…‘NY Med’ is unscripted storytelling at its best…Bottom line: beautiful and often moving.”

The Los Angeles Times calls the show a “surprisingly addictive medical docu-series, fascinating as much in form as it is in function” and says that “the mix of humor and pathos, of tragedy and triumph makes “NY Med” high-energy and emotionally affecting, a new species of show altogether.”

The Philadelphia Daily News says that the show “makes for some gripping TV for those with the stomachs for it.”



  • I love watching the show, however as a certified medical assistant, I am shocked seeing the nurses and female doctors with their hair down and hanging over a patient, sometimes brushing their hair away with their sterile gloves. Are they into so much glamour with the cameras rolling that they are not thinking of the health of the patient. If I were in the hospital and looked up to see someone bending over me dressing my wounds with their hair hanging over me, I would probably send them away. Also don’t the producers know that finger nail polish can cause a reaction to some patients? I love this show, but it bugs the heck out of me to see such unsanitary practices going on in a hospital as big as this one. You have a responsibility as producers to correct this situation. If these women want to look glamourist on t.v., then they should be a soap opera where everything is “fake”.

  • […] reality/documentary show,  draws to a close on ABC at 10:00.  Reviews of the pilot episode are here. […]

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