TV Show Review – Gravity Falls

Here Is TVRating:  3.  “Gravity Falls” is a likeable addition to the Disney Channel animated roster.

Varitey says “Disney Channel gets just a bit edgier with “Gravity Falls,” a supernatural-caper series that also owes a debt to “Scooby Doo” … the show has a breezy quality that should play to kids, and tickle some twinges of nostalgia among their parents … the goal is clearly to see if “Gravity” can pull in an older cohort.”

The Los Angeles Times calls the show “bouncy, weightless fun.”

Wired says that it’s a “funny, likable show” and that they “highly recommend it.”


  • [...] the Disney Channel at 9:30.  The critics, while not blown away, like the show.  The reviews are here. [...]

  • Good show. It just gets me really interested. It has that nice original cartoon mystery theme (well excluding scooby doo)

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