Meadowland.  Rating:  3 (out of 5).  After the loss of their son, Sarah and David have to deal with the unthinkable and both deal with their grief in their own different ways. David, a New York cop, goes with a traditional form of healing yet finds himself losing his moral compass, while Sarah goes down an unexpected path as she places herself in increasingly dangerous situations. The film premieres on VOD on Friday, October 23. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “A convincing look at the limbo of parental mourning.”

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Juno Temple, Elisabeth Moss
Director: Reed Morano
Rating: R
Genre: Drama



The Hollywood Reporter calls it “A convincing look at the limbo of parental mourning.”

The Guardian says, “Meadowland is powerful film-making, though, hardly light entertainment.”

IndieWire (The Playlist) thinks, ““Meadowland” is seemingly more interested in characters than it is their story.”

Screen International writes, “Chris Rossi built Meadowland’s screenplay on short, punchy scenes, and he deserves credit for crafting moments of quotidian ordinariness that are also charged with tension.”

Eye for Film gives the film 3.5 out of 5 stars, and further notes, “Those larger metaphors crop up and some of the subtlety is lost for the sake of climax but this is an impressive debut that illustrates the loneliness of loss.” finds, ““Meadowland” is a fascinating piece, sometimes subtle in the way it presents its material, other times bombastic all leading to a finale that speaks multiple volumes about our own innocence.  It’s a film that will hopefully find a home with someone caring enough to nurture it into the right audiences.”

HeyUGuys says, “In the end, Meadowland is a gorgeous and moody meditation on the lasting effects of loss with flawless performances across the board, but it suffers from a disjointed narrative, but it is certainly worth your time.”

Slant Magazine thinks, “Phil’s pain feels far less tangible than Sarah’s, the pace sometimes slows from deliberate to draggy, and the too-predictable ending involves a somewhat labored metaphor, but the film is a credible and sensitive portrayal of crippling grief.”


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