Khumba.  Rating:  1 (out of 5).  Khumba, a young zebra born without his stripes at the lower part of his body, is rejected by his herd and blamed for a sudden drought affecting their land. He sets out on a daring mission, teaming up with a wildebeest and an ostrich, to find a legendary waterhole believed to be where the first zebras got their stripes. Along his journey, he meets new friends and encounters a challenge before he can reunite with his herd. On VOD starting Tuesday, February 11.   Limited reviews at press time but the critics are not big fans of this kiddie flick. writes, “Your kids might enjoy “Khumba,” but there’s nothing in it they need to see.”

Starring: Jake T. Austin, Liam Neeson, Steve Buscemi, Loretta Devine, Laurence Fishburne, Richard E. Grant, AnnaSophia Robb, Anika Noni Rose, Catherine Tate, Ben Vereen
Rating:  Unrated
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family




Variety says, “With a brashly Hollywood-flavored voice cast and a self-borrowing scripting assist from “Lion King” writer Jonathan Roberts, this tale of a half-striped zebra finding his place in the animal kingdom aims squarely for international crossover appeal — rather at the expense of its own message, which trumpets the virtues of individuality.”

According to The New York Times, “The voice acting from talented American, British and South African performers (including Steve Buscemi and Sindiwe Magona) is zany and emotionally charged.”

The Village Voice thinks, “Perhaps a six-year-old would find that funny. Perhaps not. In any case, the adults dragged along to the theater after much protestation won’t. You have to feel bad for them.” notes, “During its impossibly never-ending 81-minute runtime, “Khumba” limps towards a conclusion that was previously established by a myriad Disney films, several Dreamworks cartoons, and many other lesser animated films no one remembers. Your kids might enjoy “Khumba,” but there’s nothing in it they need to see.”

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