HereIsTV Review – Power, Season 2

HereIsTV Review – Power, Season 2

By Kevin Downey for HereIsTV

Somehow, Starz’s drug-world drama Power from The Good Wife‘s Courtney Kemp Agboh and rapper 50 Cent is an exciting, fun and addictive drama, despite some serious flaws that would’ve long ago derailed an ordinary show. Power‘s second season begins on Saturday.

Power‘s troubles include its stars’ wooden acting from leaden scripts that are bogged down by way too much dialogue. It’s reminiscent of Spanish-language telenovelas that too often rely on their characters to recite every last thing that is going on, rather than allowing stories to unfold in a natural way.

Still, there’s something about Power that makes it easy to overlook its at-times ridiculous scripts, which center on the intertwined relationship between New York City’s black, white and Hispanic drug dealers and the Federal investigators who are trying to lock them up.

Power‘s appeal is twofold: Its sometimes barely dressed cast is easy on the eyes, it’s a sexy show.

And, more to the point and understandable given 50’s involvement, Power‘s backdrop is a heavy, hypnotic, hip-hop beat. That beat, which Power would benefit from having more of, ratchets up the show’s excitement level and pushes along the storyline. The music’s importance is most evident when it’s gone. The show screeches to a halt.

On Power, Omari Hardwick is the drug dealer Ghost who, at the same time, is also the successful businessman James St. Patrick. James is running a string of dry cleaners and moneymaking nightclubs.

As season two opens, Ghost’s legit businesses are faltering. His right-hand man Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is missing. Ghost’s wife is demanding that he dump his girlfriend Angela (Lela Loren). Who, Ghost doesn’t know it, has a secret.

All that on its own may not be enough to make Power worth watching. But the show’s good looks, sexy vibe and heavy beat do make it worthwhile, and relatively easy to drown out the show’s nails-on-chalkboard dialogue.

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