Q.      How do I use this record to DVR functionality?

A.      Glad you asked, here is a page that  will walk you through the steps of using our record to DVR functionality.


Q.     I subscribed to your email newsletter but I’m not seeing it in my Gmail inbox, how come?  (Or, put another way, help for Gmail users).

A.     There are two likely reasons for this.  One is that the newsletter is going into your Spam folder and the other is that it is going into your Promotions tab.  Not to worry, both are easy to fix, here are the details.


Q.      Why isn’t the air time listed on HereIsTV correct?

A.      We list the East Coast (ET) and West Coast (PT) times or airing.  If you live in a different time zone, then the air time will be different.  Also, as we rely on information provided by other parties, sometimes we are given the wrong information (it’s never our fault).


Q.      How come there isn’t a Record to DVR button for some of the shows listed on HereIsTV?

A.      The most likely reason is that your pay TV provider does not carry the network that the show is on.  But, another reason could be that we were not provided with the necessary technical information to enable the record feature for that show (remember, it’s never our fault).


Q.      How come I can’t record any of the shows listed on HereIsTV?

A.      In order to enable the record to DVR functionality, we need the consent and technical help of each pay TV provider.  Currently we only have that with DirecTV, DISH and  XFINITY.  We are in discussions with the others and are working to launch them as soon as possible.   Feel free to send us an email at letting us know which pay TV provider you have and that you want us to include the record to DVR functionality.  This helps us in our conversations with the pay TV providers.


Q.      I set my DVR using HereIsTV but the show did not record or it recorded the wrong show, what happened?  Who do I talk to about this?

A.      Technically speaking, HereIsTV does not interact with your DVR.  Rather, we interact with your Pay TV provider’s remote recording technology and tell them which show or movie that you want to record.  Once you click on the Record button that has your Pay TV provider’s name on it, you are then taken to a page that is hosted by your Pay TV provider.  If, on that page, you are shown the TV show or movie that you want to record but it did not record properly, then the issue is with your Pay TV provider’s remote recording technology and you should contact them.  On the other hand, if, after clicking the Record button you are shown a TV show or movie that is different from the one that you wanted to record, then the issue is likely with HereIsTV and we would appreciate it if you would let us know about that.


Q.      Why can’t I set my DVR from your email newsletter, why do I have to click through to the HereIsTV website?

A.      Unfortunately, much of the record to DVR technology does not work from emails due to the number of different email clients and the technology and security measures that different email clients and email providers use.


Q.      How come some of the video previews/clips on your site don’t work or are not available?

A.      We do not host the video that is on our site.  Typically it is provided by the TV network (usually via YouTube) and the network when and for how long the video will be available.  Sometimes they remove clips/previews from shows that have already aired.


Q.      Your site is great (or, less likely, we have issues with your site) and we want to let you know, how do we contact you?

A.      You can reach us at

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