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If you’re not getting your HereIsTV newsletters into your Gmail inbox, there’s likely one of two possible reasons.

One reason may be that Google is sending your HereIsTV email into your spam folder.  You can check this by looking at your spam folder to see if the HereIsTV newsletters are in there.

To do so, go to your Gmail inbox and, over on the left, click, on the word “More” with the down arrow next to it.  You should see a few folders listed, one of which is Spam.  If you click on that, you will see the contents of your Spam folder.  If the HereIsTV emails are in there, you know what is happening.

And, here’s a simple way to prevent HereIsTV from going into your Spam folder.


If your HereIsTV newsletters aren’t in your Spam folder but still not in your inbox, Gmail may be sending your HereIsTV newsletters into your Promotions folder, here’s how to check and fix that problem.


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