Fifty Shades of Black

Fifty Shades of Black


Fifty Shades of Black.  Rating:  2 (out of 5).  A parody of the popular film based on the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Catch it on VOD starting Tuesday, April 19th.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, “’Fifty Shades of Grey’ was actually funnier.”

Starring: Affion Crockett, Andrew Bachelor, Florence Henderson, Fred Willard, Jane Seymour, Kali Hawk, Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps
Director: Michael Tiddes
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy


Entertainment Weekly gives the film a C+ rating, and further notes, “At other moments, the film manages to be surprisingly subversive with its humor.”

The New York Times finds, “As with other staples of the screen-parody genre, the comic bull’s-eyes arrive only intermittently.”

Chicago Reader says, “E.L. James’s ridiculous BDSM romance Fifty Shades of Grey and its blockbuster screen adaptation are ripe for parody, but this spoof by writer-star Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie, Dance Flick) is downright rotten.”

Variety thinks, “At a minimum, a parody should be funnier than the film it’s sending up, but “Fifty Shades of Black,” a quick-and-dirty riff on last year’s S&M romance “Fifty Shades of Grey,” falls a laugh or two short of even that low standard.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “’Fifty Shades of Grey’ was actually funnier.”

Austin Chronicle observes, “Adults may respond with a laugh every once in a while, but they’re unlikely to find Fifty Shades of Black a nonstop titter fest.”

The Guardian thinks, “There’s a Cosby joke, a Kanye joke and huge spaces where the laughs should be. It’s still, marginally, better than the source material.”

A.V. Club gives the movie a C- rating, and further writes, “Fifty Shades Of Black follows the plot of Fifty Shades Of Grey beat by beat, taking an oddly paced story full of baffling characterizations and warped moralizing and layering a bunch of crude sex and race humor on top of it. It’s an uphill battle if there ever was one.”

Slant Magazine says, “Michael Tiddes’s Fifty Shades of Black is ultimately a crude conceptualization of its zeitgeist-baiting premise.”

Consequence of Sound thinks, “Whereas Fifty Shades of Grey elicited nervous laughter through discomfort, Fifty Shades of Black ploughs away looking for the cheapest sex jokes it can find. Sometimes, it even scores. But not nearly often enough.” gives the film 1.5 stars, and further notes, “It made me laugh more often than I did in “Dirty Grandpa.” That is to say, I laughed more than once. And you really can’t ask for more than that in January.”

The Wrap calls it “a laboriously humorless jab at a movie that already seemed halfway to self-parody on its own.”

Time Out London finds, “While the script scores the occasional bullseye (‘Who wrote this, a third-grader?’ screams Black when confronted with EL James’s novel), most of the jokes just aren’t funny enough and off-piste piss-takes of ‘Whiplash’ and ‘Magic Mike’ feel unnecessary.”

HeyUGuys thinks, “There are undoubtedly four or five one-liners that will have you in stitches, but given the scattergun approach to jokes, that makes for a rather minuscule percentage.”

Radio Times says, “Given that the source material is ripe for parody, it’s amazing that the script instead opts for broad racial humour and baffling scenes such as a “comedy” waterboarding.”

Sky Movies writes, “Woefully uninspired and toxically unfunny, this film is so rotten it could necrotize your soul. Horrible, just horrible.”

According to The List, “Marlon Wayans’ latest spoof is characteristically low-brow but very nearly watchable.”

Common Sense Media gives the film 1 out of 5 stars, and further notes, “It’s cringe-worthy and awful — but then again, so was the original.”

We Got This Covered finds, “I didn’t like Fifty Shades Of Black, and I really just want to move on with my life. End of story.”

CinemaBlend thinks, “At best, it’s dull and boring. At worst, it just feels mean-spirited, hateful, and so much lower than the lowest-common denominator.” writes, “He (Wayans) shows complete disinterest when it comes time to truly roast “Fifty Shades of Grey,” playing it safe with his colossally goofy and misinformed inspiration, content to recycle puerile material that makes E.L. James look like E.L. Doctorow.”

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