Felony.  Rating:  4 (out of 5).  Three detectives become involved in an accident that leaves a child in a coma. One committed the crime, one will try to cover it up, and the other will choose to tell the truth and expose it. “Felony” will premiere on VOD on Friday, October 17. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “A contemplative cop thriller driven by three nuanced lead performances and plenty of moral ambiguity.”

Starring: Jai Courtney, Joel Edgerton, Tom Wilkinson
Director: Matthew Saville
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Thriller




Variety thinks, “Thanks to Saville’s tightly controlled direction and a superlative cast, the mere exchange of glances builds as much suspense as the kinetic action sequence that opens the pic.”

The Hollywood Reporter describes it as “A contemplative cop thriller driven by three nuanced lead performances and plenty of moral ambiguity.”

3AW notes, “An outstanding, tautly directed, superbly acted film that again proves, as did Animal Kingdom, that Australian filmmakers have a distinctive knack for quality crime dramas that dig deeply into character and the morals that motivate their actions.”

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “This Joel Edgerton-scripted thriller is among the finest Australian films to come along this year.”

Herald Sun thinks, “Felony is a gripping piece of storytelling.”

ABC Radio says, “This is gritty cop stuff at its finest. It smells authentic, the dilemmas are immediate and relatable, and the suspense is relentless. And that’s just the first five minutes. See it.”

ABC At The Movies writes, “I think the script is excellent and I think the plotting is interesting because this is a film not about police corruption but about police covering up for police and I think it’s been well thought out. I think in many ways it’s a first-class screenplay. The performances are really fine. All the principal actors are terrific.”

IndieWire (The Playlist) notes, “What begins with so much promise in “Felony” is undone by a story that prefers sensationalist melodrama over tackling the much more interesting ethical dilemmas it brings up for its characters.”

Reelfilm writes, “The end result is a better-than-average thriller that bodes well for Edgerton’s future endeavors as a screenwriter, with Felony’s palpable success cemented by a final shot that couldn’t possibly be more perfect.”

According to We Got This Covered, “An outstanding, mostly Australian cast working with a morally complex script by lead actor Joel Edgerton makes Felony an absolutely gripping and realistic crime tale.”

Graffiti with Punctuation thinks, “Felony isn’t interest in asteroidal impact, its focus is the butterfly wings that flap and whip up a hurricane; Edgerton, Courtney, George, Wilkinson and Roberts are the collateral damage.”

TonyMacklin.net writes, “The Australian indie film Felony gives up-and-coming actor Joel Edgerton his most engrossing role yet.”

According to The Film Pie, “It’s a fantastic set up and while there is some great drama throughout, Felony stumbles in its later stages. The finale has too many twists and too many convenient coincidences. It’s hard to take seriously. Thankfully, its messages aren’t lost and its questions still linger in my mind.”

Concrete Playground says, “The ending is unnecessarily symmetrical, certainly, and there’s a subplot that goes confusingly AWOL somewhere in the third act, but overall it’s a solid film with an excellent turn from its lead.”

Urban Cinefile thinks, “A rich and engaging screenplay that borrows from the police procedural and blends it with the themes of a morality play makes Felony compelling viewing.”

Matt’s Movie Reviews notes, “In the end an unsatisfying and frustrating conclusion to an otherwise tight and taught cop drama stops Felony from becoming a great Australian crime movie. That in itself is a crime.”


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