Airs: March 20 at 9:02 PT/9:02 ET

FreeformTune in to Freeform for the second season premiere of The Twins:  Happily Ever After? at 9:02.  Reality show about the twin sisters from the 20th season of The Bachelor.



  • I’ve seen a lot of bad tv but this is probably one of the worst shows ever. The two girls are real idiots.

  • This show sucks and should be dropped from the TV Network FRFMHD. The twins are ignorant, childish, and downright dumb. So is the mother. It is no wonder the twins did not find a mate on the
    Bachelor and on Bachelor in Paradise. What a terrible role model both the twins and the mother are. I can’t believe a mother would raise children like that and I can’t believe the twins would expose their idiotic selves to the world of TV.

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