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Here Is TVRating: 3.  “Common Law” has its series premiere on USA Network at 10:00.  Based on the reviews, it seems to be another USA staple, bright, sunny innocuous and easy to watch, no gravitas here.

Variety says it’s too bad “Common Law,” USA’s latest cop-comedy hybrid, isn’t as cute or clever as its title.  The group therapy dynamic meant to distinguish “Common Law” from every other copshow — including several existing ones in the basic-cable universe — feels flimsy at best.  The appeal and chemistry of leads Michael Ealy and Warren Kole is uninspiring.

“Common Law” cops add more character to USA”,  said USA Today.

“Common Law,” is a cutely titled show premiering Friday, about two cops who look like GQ models and quarrel like “The Bickersons” of old-time radio. The San Francisco Chronicle says “the writing is light and somewhat predictable, without quite hitting a level of sassy repartee. Mitchell and Marks deliver their lines just fine, but the bickering never amounts to much. The writing isn’t fresh and the stars are only pleasant without being especially memorable.

“The series kicks off with hotshot LAPD robbery/homicide detectives Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell being forced to attend couples therapy,  after by-the-books Wes pulled his gun on free-spirit Travis during a case.“ The therapy sessions bring large chunks of levity to the proceeding.“ The New York Post says what prevents the series from becoming a funny version of “In Treatment,” is all the action. In the end, “you root for them, you want to see these guys together. “

“Police partners who don’t get along — what a concept! “ Wes (Warren Kole, “The Chicago Code”) and Travis ( Michael Ealy, “Think Like a Man”)  are their captain’s (Jack McGee ,”Rescue Me”),  “two best detectives” and his “biggest pain in the. . . .”   Captain Sutton has ordered his two young hotheads to attend couples counseling, which serves as this series’ really-not-necessary-but-mega-cute hook.” There’s also the standard dangling of the unresolved back story.” Newsday  feels  “these bicker brothers will be around for a while.

 The feels some belief needs to be suspended with” Common Law”. The pilot tries its best to balance comedic and serious case moments, but it’s hard to take the show too seriously. This is mostly due to how the partners themselves respond to tense scenarios. At ninety minutes, the pilot is longer than it needs to be, and you feel every one of those extra minutes thinks “Common Law”  is uncommonly smart, sophisticated, edgy and all together hilarious. It will make for a fun and engaging hour of television each week.


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