Cold War 2

Cold War 2


Cold War 2.   Rating:  3 (out of 5).  In this sequel to the 2012 megahit, rival police chiefs battle it out at the station and on the streets after a psychotic killer attempts to escape. The movie will premiere on VOD on Tuesday, February 7.  The New York Times says, “It is a summer sequel worth its salt, a brisk exercise in suspense and high-gloss mayhem.”

Starring: Aaron Kwok, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Yun-Fat Chow
Director: Kim-Ching Luk and Lok Man Leung
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime



The Hollywood Reporter says, “The taut pacing of the original is a distant memory here. On a positive note, Peter Kam’s fine, ever-present musical comment effectively pumps up the tension even when the screenplay fails, all the way to its final crescendo.”

Los Angeles Times finds, “Although it contains its share of diverting shootouts, car crashes and explosions, this self-serious film mostly evokes a forgettable TV police procedural.”

The New York Times thinks, “It is a summer sequel worth its salt, a brisk exercise in suspense and high-gloss mayhem.”

Variety observes, “Slow to heat up yet quick to burn out, police procedural-thriller Cold War 2 dramatizes internal strife and conspiracy among Hong Kong’s police force and ruling elite, adding some new twists in a narrative framework that ultimately can’t support the film.”

Washington Post writes, “Although it boasts three crackerjack action sequences, Cold War 2 won’t wow Hong Kong cinema buffs who crave nonstop mayhem. This clever drama features more bureaucratic wrangling than criminal scuffles.”

Toronto Film Scene observes, “The great tension and political intrigue, punctuated by moments of equally tense action, make this one perfect for action fans seeking something a little more.”

The Straits Times finds, “Everything seems over the top, from the intrusive, bombastic music score to a shoot-out scene in a tunnel that descends into ridiculousness. And there is so much macho posturing from Leung, Kwok and Chow that it quickly gets old.”

South China Morning Post thinks, “With a stellar cast, tight plot and sharp editing, this Hong Kong-made sequel about crooked cops and terrorism outshines the award-winning original.” says, “The film ends on a scene that is both more and less blatant a cliffhanger than the first had – there’s room for a “Cold War 3” should the box office warrant it, although it likely won’t be such a direct continuation and expansion as this one. Indeed, these two films merge into one larger, possibly even better thriller, something well worth checking out even if Hong Kong action isn’t always your cup of tea.”

Screen International writes, “The action in Cold War 2 – again overseen by Chin Ka Lok – is far superior to its predecessor.”

Asian Film Strike gives the film 3 stars, and further notes, “Expectedly cut from the same cloth as its predecessor, Cold War 2 is a grand, overly self-serious and sometimes specious thriller that is nevertheless carried by a powerhouse cast and streaked with flashes of riveting intensity.”

HK Neo Reviews finds, “It is rare that a sequel outshines its original or being the kind of film that the first one should have been.”

Screen Anarchy says, “Cold War 2 is not entirely about the action scenes; it’s a suspenseful drama with something to say about those in authority and those who want to be in power. That it manages to do so while also masquerading as a summer popcorn picture is a definite bonus.”

Webs of Significance thinks, “Given what appears to be a considerably larger budget than for their first feature film, Sunny Luk and Longman Leung pull out the stops in both the sight and sound departments.  It’s not just that there are plenty of spectacular action set pieces in this very good-looking movie but there also being lots of expensive looking clothing sported in it by males and females alike, and a musical score that seems to never let up on the eternally swelling bombast.”

Casey’s Movie Mania gives the film 4 out of 5 stars, and further notes, “A strong blend of well-acted procedural drama and gritty cop thriller, COLD WAR 2 is top-notch if flawed sequel rarely seen in the Hong Kong cinema these days.”

MovieXclusive says, “As much a battle of wits as of character, ‘Cold War 2’ follows its predecessor’s formula of fusing strong character drama, thrilling gunplay and gripping political machinations into a taut and thought-provoking crime thriller.”

J.B. Spins observes, “There are several big, explosive action sequences in CW2, but Leung & Luk always use them in ways that advance the narrative. It certainly looks like they left plenty of odds and ends to be picked up later, but they steadily ratchet up the tension quite effectively. Altogether, it is a big, slick police thriller, very much in the Hong Kong action tradition.” gives the movie 4 out of 5 stars, and further writes, “Though undeniably somewhat of a challenging watch, Cold War 2 is a superior sequel and a great film in its own right.”

Third Act Film thinks, “This isn’t a badly made film. The acting is fine, the direction is fine, the shot composition and music are both fine, but it’s the horrible waste of a good story that makes makes this the most boring film I’ve seen for a long time.” finds, “Stronger performance by Tony Leung Ka Fai but a disappointing sequel in overall.”


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