Cary Deuber Interview

Cary Deuber Interview


Cary Deuber is one of the featured Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo.  We spoke with the mom/yogini/nurse about the show and her life.

How prepared were you and your family for the onslaught of attention you have received with the debut on The Real Housewives of Dallas?

It is hard to prepare for the unknown. It has been a lot of work but also fun. The most important thing for us was sitting down the kids and talking to them and having an ongoing open dialogue.


What do you think you bring to this version of the docu-series that other women from the other series have not?

I am an RN and CRNFA which is very different from the other ladies in the RHW Franchise. I’m a working mom and stepmom and am super into yoga.


Do you hope to inspire young women to go into the health care profession through your being on the docu-series?

I love that other women can see what I do. I really do hope it inspires other women to go into medicine or just be a career woman. It is so important for a woman to have her own independence.


For those unfamiliar with the world of yoga, can you explain what yogini means in general and how important that is to your daily life?

I LOVE yoga. A yogini is a lover of yoga and that is me! It is not just a physical practice but also a mental one. It is also my church. I am very spiritual and pray during my practice. It is a way for me to give thanks to God for the body He gave me.


With being on The Real Housewives of Dallas, do you still have time to continue with your own medical practice or is there potential for the docu-series to hinder your time?

It has been hard juggling everything. I have no plans to give up my medical practice. I love what I do and love my patients. It is so gratifying helping others and being a nurse is so rewarding!


Of all the philanthropic causes you support, can you say there is one that you treasure more than the others? Or is it too difficult to choose between them?

It is hard to choose. I was very big into mission work prior to having a family. Now Mark and I work with a Dallas based group on women who need breast reconstruction and do not have insurance. I have been involved in the Junior League of Dallas for 10 years and absolutely love all it does for the Local Dallas community.


Which TV shows are you watching?

RHOD! Also love Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.


If you had a full day off from all responsibilities where you could do whatever you wanted for an entire 24-hour period, what would you do?



We understand you are an animal lover. Do you have a favorite breed of dog? Cat? Do you have a favorite type of animal?

Probably dogs. We have 3 dogs. Lily, Daisy and Izzy. Two Maltese and a Sheltie. They are amazing! My Maltese love to sleep on my head at night! We also have a saltwater fish tank that is mesmerizing!


Who was your inspiration for getting into the medical profession?

In high school I went to my dentist’s office and asked for a job. I had no experience but the doctor was so impressed that I walked in and asked for a job at 16 that he gave it to me. I was a dental assistant all through high school and I think that is what inspired me to assist in surgery.


What advice would you give to young women facing being a new mother based on your recent experience as a new mom?

Being a mother is the most amazing thing you can be as a woman. It is so rewarding but it is also very hard! Be patient and make sure you take time for yourself. Even if it is only a few minutes or hours a week, make sure you take care of you! It will make you a better mother.

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