My Blind Brother

My Blind Brother


My Blind Brother.  Rating:  3 (out of 5).  A blind sportsman introduces his girlfriend to his brother, who incidentally is his girlfriend, too. The film premieres on VOD on Friday, September 23.  Film School Rejects says, ““My Blind Brother” is frequently hilarious, and it winds up having just enough real emotion to keep it grounded.”

Starring: Jenny Slate, Zoe Kazan, Adam Scott
Director: Sophie Goodhart
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance



Variety finds, “After living for more than a decade within the Apatovian slacker-comedy tradition, in which the joys of arrested development are smiled upon indulgently for a while before our heroes stride heroically and inevitably into maturity, it’s weirdly refreshing to see a romantic comedy where selfishness, resentment and sloth are presented as unabashed virtues.”

Consequence of Sound gives the film a B- rating, and further notes, “Everyone appears miserable in My Blind Brother, but it’s not a miserable film. It’s a sunny, warm escape where the stakes are mild and the humor’s not too heavy, but just right.”

Film School Rejects thinks, ““My Blind Brother” is frequently hilarious, and it winds up having just enough real emotion to keep it grounded.”

We Live Film says, “This film was all in all a really enjoyable funny film. It is a great take on a rom-com film that isn’t so generic. While a lot of the plot is predictable, the acting and the humor in the film really carry it. The acting and writing in the film is great.”

Assholes Watching Movies observes, “Goodhart makes sure that we’re never laughing at blindness per se (except for a few sight gags, ironically) but at all the constructs that make us tiptoe around a disability. Which maybe makes the movie sound a little more “issue movie” than it is. It’s a comedy, and a pretty easy breezy one at that. But you will laugh.”

Way Too Indie finds, “My Blind Brother is mostly amusing and its performances are strong, however, the tone remains unwavering until the film’s ending: lightly comedic, but unrelentingly self-serious. “

It’s On! thinks, ““My Blind Brother” is a fun ride that will have you laughing from the start and maybe squirming in your seat a few times. It’s not your ordinary romantic comedy, with real characters and a sense of humor that is a little biting.”



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