Black Rose

Black Rose


Black Rose. Rating: 2 (out of 5). A Russian Police Major is solicited by the LAPD to help solve horrific murders against young women by a serial sociopath on the streets of Hollywood. The movie premieres on VOD on Tuesday, May 2. According to the Los Angeles Times, “From start to finish, “Black Rose” is about as pro forma as a motion picture gets.”

Starring: Alexander Nevsky, Kristanna Loken, Adrian Paul
Director: Alexander Nevsky
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime



Village Voice says, “Let’s cut straight to the chase: Black Rose is a bad film — amazingly, astoundingly, supercalifragilisticexpialidociously bad.”

The Hollywood Reporter observes, “Bad enough to make one nostalgic for the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jim Belushi opus ‘Red Heat.’“

Los Angeles Times thinks, “The bigger problem with the movie is its moldy dialogue and its cartoonish conception of Californians who drink “tofu seaweed alfalfa smoothies.” From start to finish, “Black Rose” is about as pro forma as a motion picture gets.”

Movie Nation finds, “Plays like an ill-considered vanity project intended for export to Mother Russia. Maybe there, they’ll be willing to ignore the stiff acting, dull directing and story whose ending is guessable almost from the opening credits.”

WBAI Radio says, “With much more on its mind than just a conventional crime thriller, though Black Rose is very much that as well, this uniquely and surprisingly conceived Russian/US collaboration plays out on the streets of LA – but could be said in that regard both literally and figuratively, engaged in intentionally veering off the beaten path from Hollywood beyond stylistically. Though with a solidly subversive indie heart.”

Film Journal International writes, “Black Rose is the kind of action movie that flourished in the ’80s, when low-budget grindhouse fare migrated to burgeoning direct-to-video and cable markets and though it’s getting a theatrical release, it’s the definition of made-for-VOD: blandly competent, undemanding and instantly forgettable.” thinks, “Even at 79 minutes (sans end credits), “Black Rose” feels long and empty, and when it climaxes inside an abandoned factory, it’s clear Nevsky isn’t big on fresh ideas.”

Film Combat Syndicate notes, “Nevsky’s got plenty to offer in my book when it comes to his potential in film. I’m not as familiar as others may be, but looking past of the film’s minor bumps, he’s earned my interest. He manages to spearhead an ample story founded on an archaic performance that illustrates the action hero image he is known for with a slightly more cerebral approach that gives him a bit more room for affability, which is something I believe most action fans and cinephiles in general can appreciate.”

Impact Online says, “Black Rose is a dark thriller more than a full-on action movie. It could have benefited from a bit more of the latter  both in terms of the potential gunplay and hand to hand combat. That being said, it’s an enjoyable film and Nevsky adds to his IMDB list while waiting for just-the-right project to help him step up to the big leagues.”

The Kim Newman Web Site finds, “It’s sort of a follow-up to Moscow Heat (2004), though Nevsky played Vladimir Stepanov in that – but doesn’t think to give its hero much to do in the way of amazingness except stand there like a tree and look intimidating.”

Bulletproof Action thinks, “Black Rose had some over the top moments one would expect from a golden era action flick and the bits of humor that were so often sprinkled in.” says, “Though it is no Silence of the Lambs or Die Hard, Black Rose entertainingly combines the two worlds. For a directorial debut, it holds together well offering a little action, mystery, and thrill.” writes, “To sum it up, BLACK ROSE is not perfect but it doesn’t have to be. It’s entertaining and the cast delivers the goods.”

BZFilm gives the film 4 out of 10 rating, and further notes, ““Black Rose” gives neither surprises nor delivers the promised “action goods”. While a lot of things can be skipped (CGI gun wounds, bad dialogue, thin plot), some things just cannot be. To have people who are known for action, promise action and not deliver it – is a crime. You can still check the film out though. Once.”

Slackjaw Punks thinks, “BLACK ROSE is a solid thriller with several clever ideas. Aside from the finale being predictable and a lack of mindless action, it’s still much better than expected and a film well worth viewing.”

Blood Brothers Reviews says, “Go into Black Rose with the right expectations that the film is more of a thriller and enjoy it for the creative moments it has within the confines of being an easy to consume genre flick.”

Nerdly observes, “Despite not being as action-packed as Moscow Heat, Black Rose is still a solid second feature from producer/star/direcotr Nevsky. If he keeps up this pace I’ve no doubt we’ll see something truly great (and hopefully just as steeped in 90s nostaglia) from him real soon.”

Budomate writes, Black Rose is more a crime thriller and if you expect to see a high-octane action you better go and re-watch Arnold’s Red Heat.”

According to Addicted to Horror Movies, “Black Rose isn’t going to make it on any “best of 2017” lists, but if you’re climbing up there in age, like myself, you just might find yourself feeling as though you’ve done the time warp again, and you may get a kick out of the over the top action sequences and silly dialogue.”

Gamerheadquarters thinks, “There were some cheesy portions that weren’t entirely fun, but an alright movie to watch.”

Film Combat Syndicate notes, “Black Rose is a decent DTV thriller. It has its shortcomings but it also has its charms, with Nevsky’s abundant enthusiasm helping it to rise above its flaws and ultimately making the film worth a watch.”

J.B. Spins finds, “About the only thing going for Black Rose is a supporting cast chocked full of reliable character actors, including the great Robert Davi, chewing the scenery for all its worth as Captain Frank Dalano. However, it is rather depressing to see the post-Highlander Adrian Paul mope through the film as Matt Robinson, the ineffectual detective yanked off the case.”


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