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Classic movies, deadly women and beach houses, all part of our TV show recommendations for tonight, Sunday, July 5, 2015.

Rear Window

Airs: July 05 at 5:00 PT / 8:00 ET

HDNet Movies has Hitchcock's 1954 thriller at 5:00 PT/8:00 ET....

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Fail Safe

Airs: July 05 at 5:40 PT / 8:40 ET

Sony Movie Channel has Sidney Lumet's 1964 thriller about an erroneous US command to bomb Moscow, at 5:40 PT/8:40 ET. ...

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The Great Dictator

Airs: July 05 at 6:30 PT / 9:30 ET

TCM has Charlie Chaplin's 1940 satire of Nazism, at 6:30 PT/9:30 ET. ...

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Ordinary People

Airs: July 05 at 8:20 PT / 11:20 ET

Retroplex has the 1980 drama about the disintegration of an upper middle-class family following the death of one of the two sons, at 8:20 PT/11:20 ET....

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Beach Flip

Airs: July 05 at 9:00 PT / 9:00 ET

The series premiere of the home repair competition show in which four teams have to renovate beach houses is on HGTV at 9:00....

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Airs: July 05 at 9:00 PT / 9:00 ET

Oxygen has the fifteenth season summer premiere of true crime show that profiles cases of women accused of murder, at 9:00....

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Penny Dreadful

Airs: July 05 at 10:00 PT / 10:00 ET

The second season finale of psychological thriller that weaves together classic horror characters in Victorian London is on Showtime at 10:00....

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